PPIW Report Publication: Employment Entry in Growth Sectors

PPIW Report Publication –
Employment Entry in Growth Sectors
A new report published by the PPIW finds that there is potential for using a well-targeted, sector-focused approach to increase employment entry and help reduce poverty.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and written by Professor Anne Green, Dr Paul Sissons, and Dr Neil Lee, the report finds that social care and the hospitality industry offer opportunities for sector-specific training programmes for people who find it difficult to access employment. But because these sectors are characterised by low pay policies need to promote career progression as well as job entry.

The construction sector is also well placed to provide employment and training opportunities for local residents, and the government could encourage this through procurement and planning policies. There is also growing interest in the potential role of social enterprises in providing local jobs – especially with regard to repairs and maintenance of social housing.

Sector-focused work experience is an important way of getting young people and unemployed adults skilled up for work. Work experience also allows labour market intermediaries (such as temping and employment agencies) to forge closer relationships with potential employers and tailor training opportunities to employers’ needs.

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