Co-ops UK have released the 2017 Co-op Economy report #coop #coopsuk #

Coops uk.PNG(Image courtesy of Co-ops UK)

Co-ops UK have released their 2017 Co-op Economy report this week:

The main page with the report, film and open data is at and the news story is here.

The headlines from the report, which covers the state of the UK’s co-operative sector and the ways in which co-ops give people a say over the things that matter to them, are:

  • The UK’s 7,000 independent co-ops turn over £36 billion a year and employ 226,000 people
  • The number of active members of co-ops continues to grow, reaching 13.6 million
  • Co-operative retailers have performed well over the last year, with turnover of £25 billion last year – a growth of £580 million or 2.5%
  • There has been a 28% increase in the number of co-ops in the creative industries
  • In the context of calls for a fairer economy and Brexit, the UK’s co-ops play an important role in giving people more of a say over the things that affect them.

There has been some good media coverage for the report, like this piece in The Times, among various others.

Co-ops Uk are encouraging people to share the report today and over the rest of the week, and it would be fantastic if you could do so. There are resources here to help: all the graphics from the report, the film plus sample social media posts.

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