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The Social Co-operation Forum is a membership network promoting co-operative models of social care and well-being. We promote social care innovation in Wales based on co-operative values and methods of working, with particular but not exclusive emphasis on user-controlled delivery models.

We meet several times a year, and the Forum aims to:

  • To bring together representatives of the key stakeholder constituencies
  • To encourage and support the sustainable development of local co-operatives
  • To encourage and support the “co-operisation” of existing social care provider organisations
  • To encourage and support a strategic programme of co-operative education
  • To encourage the creation and implementation of legislation, policies and guidance for social care (and related services) which foster the development of services and systems based on co-operative values and principles
  • To continue to learn from relevant international developments in co-operation and social care


Membership is currently free and is available to anybody interested in Social Co-operation. You can benefit from specialist support and advice within the Social Co-operation field. You will receive regular updates and information and can be as involved as much or as little as you like.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Social Co-operation Forum please contact us.

Terms of Reference

Social Co-operative Forum Constitution

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