Co-operative investment opportunity with InvestAge

Through Co-operatives UK, a new investment opportunity is now available that focuses on later – life projects and funding. Here’s more on ‘InvestAge’

Below is a summary of InvestAge, a new co-operative approach to supporting the full spectrum of later life programmes and initiatives. The public launch won’t take place until the autumn and the first loans and investments are unlikely to be made until the middle of 2020,  but InvestAge is already looking for projects that might be interested. Get in touch with co-ordinator Richard Adams if you’d like more information. [email protected]

  • InvestAge is a multi-stakeholder co-operative under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and a member of Co-operatives UK.
  • It will rapidly establish a substantial pool of loan capital, democratically controlled by its investor members, to support and service certain types of later-life ‘projects’.
  • Members will both identify or originate projects and also make investments in InvestAge.
  • InvestAge will build up an expertise in project assessment, information exchange and business advice to support borrowers.
  • Membership is about far more than contributing withdrawable share capital. It will also provide a way of offering skills and services to the sector, build an active and committed community of interest and enable the development of local initiatives.

If you would like to know more, please contact Richard Adams, Project Co-ordinator at [email protected]

Care to Co-operate has supported people and organisations to work co-operatively, to design and run services, for over three years. Do you have an idea for a care and support co-operative?  If so, Care to Co-operate would love to speak to you! You can get in touch by e-mail [email protected], call 0300 111 5050, visit or Tweet us at @ThomasWalesCoop

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