Care to Co-operate / Cydweithredu i Ofalu


Free tailored advice and guidance for social enterprise, social co-operatives* and consortium

The Wales Co-operative Centre and the Social Co-operation Forum are helping people who access personal care and support services to have a real stake in the services they receive. Care to Co-operate is a new project funded by Welsh Government. It’s gives advice and guidance to people in Wales who use support and personal care services to in control.

A big reason we’re here is because of a new law in Wales called the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. Welsh Government wants more social enterprise, social co-operatives to deliver support services and personal care. This is because these organisations involve people in making decisions about how they are run and the services they offer. This is exactly what the Act wants to see happen. It is an exciting time to change social services in Wales.

The former Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, describes what we want to achieve:

*A social co-operative is owned and managed by the citizens it provides services to as well as their family, friends, professional carers and people from the wider community.