Care to Co-operate / Cydweithredu i Ofalu

We help people who receive care and support services, and people who provide services come together

You will have ideas about care and support services – services that are good and services that need improving. By co-operating, we can work together to create better services.

Care to Co-operate is funded by Welsh Government and delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre. We provide help to people who want to set-up or run care and support services in a co-operative way. We believe that services are better when the people who require care and support and the people who provide care support, work closely together.

If you have an idea of how care and support services could be run, we can help you and your community develop the idea into a successful service.

We also work with organisations already delivering services, to involve the people who use those services, in how they are run.

Take our course, ‘How to Start a Co-operative’, to learn more about care and support co-operatives. If you run a service that you want to be more co-operative, or have an idea for a new service, our online course will help you.

The interactive training course, ‘How to Start a Co-operative’ takes you through five key areas that you can work through in your own time.

The site is jam-packed full of resources; from help with understanding terms and policies, to comprehensive guides on social media promotion and membership growth.  Also, you can learn in English, Welsh or British Sign Language!

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