This is how Wales can solve the huge funding crisis facing social care #socialcare #wales #funding

Leading Welsh economist Gerald Holtham and entrepreneur Tegid Roberts on how Wales can solve the social welfare situation in Wales.

Social care, particularly for the elderly faces a serious squeeze in Wales, not to say a crisis.

Local authority spending per older person has declined over the past seven years by around 13%, according to Joseph Ogle, Research Assistant, and Michael Trickey, Programme Director, at Wales Public Services 2025.

The latest figures for annual local authority spending on social services for the over-65s are just under £0.55bn (2016-17 prices).

The proportion of elderly people in the population requiring residential care is projected to rise by 82% by 2035 and the proportion requiring non-residential care to rise by 67%.

Expenditure overall will need to rise by 75- 80% to account for that and if the recent deterioration in spending per head is to be reversed spending would need to double.

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