Co-production Network for Wales #copronetwork #wales #membership

Co-production is all about citizens and professionals working together as equal contributors for mutual benefit, and it’s not only great in its own right but is also a brilliant way of sowing the seeds for user led organisations and multi stakeholder coops. The co-production network for Wales have recently launched their a formal membership. … Read More Co-production Network for Wales #copronetwork #wales #membership

Workshop:Co-Production in Community Settings: How it Works

Co-Production in Community Settings: How it works. Session 1: Introduction to and how to do co-production Location: Committee Room 2, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University Dates: Wednesday 07 June 2017, 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm Overview Strong Communities Healthier People (SCHeP) is a Cardiff University funded initiative which is experimenting with the use of co-production and action… Read More Workshop:Co-Production in Community Settings: How it Works