SCW-The National Population Assessment Report

A new national report about the care and support needed by people across Wales has been launched 20 Dec. The National Population Assessment Report brings together the main findings of the first population assessment reports published by the regional partnership boards earlier this year.

Our report draws together the common issues and pressures identified by the assessments, and looks at some of the ways in which they are being tackled.

Based on what people have said, as well as what the research and data tells us, the report gives us significant insight into the lives of people who may need care and support to help them lead the best lives they can.

Although the report doesn’t give us the whole picture, for the first time it gives us a comprehensive overview of what care and support looks like in Wales.

The regional reports were jointly produced by the local authorities and local health boards with the support of communities, and the third and independent sectors. They must be carried out every local government electoral cycle under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, usually every four years.

They describe the care and support needs of people, their families and carers, and state what is available to meet people’s needs and what else needs to be done. They look at a wide range of people and communities, from children and young people through to older age.

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