What’s happening

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This page will focus on what is happening in the wider Social Care/ Co-operative world.

We have produced a map to reflect the diversity of everything which is going on in Wales. Detailed data for the above map can be found:


The map shows:

Housing co-operatives (Red),

Care to Co-operate clients (Large purple),

Current forum members (Small blue)

Social care social enterprises (Small pink)

Projects or reports that focus on social co-operation (Large blue)

Resources to help co-operatives (Large yellow)

Public Bank for Wales

Adrian Roper is part of the Public Bank for Wales action group. This was formed after a number of people identified problems in the current financial world in terms of local banks closing, organisations struggling with start-up funding, public bodies dependent on venture capitalist investment in care home development etc. This is a Manifesto commitment for Labour and Plaid Cymru. A sizeable detailed proposal has been produced, and the Welsh Government has commissioned a report by PPIW to examine the track records of Public Banks around the world.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Co-operative Education

Co-ops and Mutual Wales are majoring on a Co-operative education strategy. They have held a number of seminar events questioning the role of a co-operative education system in Wales.

Reports from both events can be found here:

April 2017 Co-op Education report

November 2016 Co-op Education report

Adult Learning Wales are rebranding and relaunching. They are a new constitutional entity and are trying to re-invigorate their democracy. They are not quite a co-operative but are very democratic with learner forums and regional forums who elect 70% to the board. There will be a focus on educating people to become active citizens who not only have an awareness of political changes but will be taught the skills to engage. There are plans to run a campaign / roadshow to encourage democratic engagement.

Co-op and Union collaboration

Pat Conaty and Alex Bird wrote a report ‘Not Alone’ in April 2016 which explores how co-ops and trade unions across Europe are tackling precarious work. The report features national and international good practice examples of co-ops helping precarious workers.

A second report was commissioned by the TUC to focus on case studies and solutions for precarious workers in the taxi trade, supply teachers, social care workers and general freelancers. The report ‘Organising precarious workers: Trade Union and Co-operative Strategies’ was released in October 2017 and can be downloaded by following this link:


Unison’s Ethical care charter

Unison conducted a survey of homecare workers (“Time to care”) to understand the pressures they face. From that report they produced an ethical care charter and are encouraging councils to sign up to this. 30 Local Authorities (5 in Scotland, 25 in England) have signed up so far. There is an opportunity of social care co-ops to work with Unison.

The ethical care charter can be found:


Union co-ops

Union Co-ops are new co-ops set up where all the members join a union and the co-ops are sponsored and supported by a trade union. More than 10 trade unions in the USA are supporting specific Union Co-op development projects.

Co-production Network for Wales

Co-production and co-operation go hand in hand. Services that are co-operative and that use co-production can gain many advantages. This can include delivering better quality work, having staff that stay with a company for longer and having potential to make real and lasting changes to the wellbeing of communities. For more information on the Co-production Network for Wales please visit:


 Care to Co-operate’s online toolkit

Care to Co-operate has designed and built an interactive online toolkit to help those interested in delivering co-operative care & support services. The toolkit is available in English: www.care.wales.coop and Welsh: www.gofal.cymru.coop